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At Sitia Airport, your journey begins with convenience, efficiency, and a touch of Cretan hospitality.

Sitia Airport, situated in the vibrant eastern part of Crete, has been a welcoming gateway since 1984. This charming airport is equipped with modern civil aviation systems to ensure a seamless travel experience. Prioritizing passenger convenience, it offers free parking just a 2-minute walk from the airport building. Choose Sitia Airport as your entry point to Crete and begin your journey in the most comfortable way.


Stay updated on flight statuses, view schedules for incoming and outgoing flights, and discover the diverse destinations and airlines connected to Sitia Airport.


Delve into the allure of Sitia and Lassithi, Crete. From pristine beaches to historical marvels, explore the highlights and attractions that make this destination unforgettable.


Explore Sitia Airport

Sitia Airport was established to serve as an alternative entry point to Crete for both locals and visitors. It boasts modern facilities and is committed to providing high-quality aviation services.

Sitia Airport’s direct flights for 2024 include destinations like Milan, Naples, Copenhagen, Athens, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kassos, Preveza (Aktio), and Alexandroupolis.

Modern Facilities

Terminals and amenities designed to enhance your travel experience.

Exceptional Service

Its dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch service at every step of your journey.

transportation hub

A gateway to the charming town of Sitia and the picturesque region of Lassithi, Crete.


Stay informed with real-time updates on flight statuses

Real-time updates

Ensuring you're always in the know for flight changes.

comprehensive information

On arrivals, departures, and connections.

Diverse destinations

Explore the diverse destinations served by Sitia Airport.

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Connecting travelers to destinations

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient travel experience

From modern terminals to efficient baggage handling systems, Sitia Airport provides a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers of all ages.
Facilities and Services
Customer Satisfaction
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Passenger Traffic

Sitia Airport serves over 200,000 passengers annually, connecting travelers to destinations near and far.

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Flight Operations

With an average of 1,500 flight operations per month, Sitia Airport maintains a steady flow of arrivals and departures.


Airlines and Destinations

Sitia Airport is served by multiple airlines, offering connections to major hubs and leisure destinations across Europe and beyond.

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On-Time Performance

Sitia Airport prides itself on its punctuality, with over 90% of flights departing and arriving on schedule.

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Sitia Airport: Travel Distances and Driving Times

Travel Distances Map

A map detailing the travel distances and driving times from Sitia Airport to other areas of Crete is available for your convenience. This could be useful in planning your travel.


Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences in Crete

Introducing your next must-visit destinations in Crete, each offering unique charm and allure. Whether you’re seeking historical treasures, natural wonders, or vibrant cultural experiences, Sitia Airport serves as your gateway to explore Cretan hospitality.


A taste of traditional
Cretan life

Sitia UNESCO Global Geopark

Sense The Authentic in the UNESCO-listed Sitia Geopark.

Makry Gialos

Makry Gialos is a charming destination in Southeast Crete.

Palekastro & Vai Beach

Nestled at the easternmost tip of Crete


A village that retains its untouched charm

Lassithi Region

Your gateway to discover the treasures of Lassithi region: Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Ierapetra.

Start Your Journey Today

Ready to embark on your next adventure?

Let Sitia Airport be your starting point. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we’re here to make your travel experience seamless and memorable. Book your flight now and let the adventure begin!


Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Sitia and Lassithi, Crete.

From the ancient ruins of Zakros to the pristine shores of Vai Beach, our region is rich in history, natural wonders, and authentic experiences. Explore the highlights and attractions that await you, and let your journey of discovery begin.

Historical Riches

Sitia is steeped in history, boasting ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, and Venetian architecture waiting to be explored.

Natural Beauty

From golden beaches to rugged mountains, Sitia is a paradise for nature lovers.

News & Blog

Stay connected with the latest happenings at Sitia Airport and beyond.

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 Find detailed travel directions to Sitia Airport, whether you’re arriving by car, bus, or taxi. Explore our parking options and discover convenient public transportation routes to ensure a stress-free journey from door to gate.